Vitalistic Fantasies, Elysium Gallery, Swansea

4 June – 16 July, 2022

An expanded version of the exhibition originally planned for 2020 BEEP Painting Biennial will open on 4 June with works by painters from the artist led group Contemporary British Painting curated by Paula MacArthur and Casper White.

“When describing their working process painters often talk about paintings ‘painting themselves’ or ‘leading the way’ in the same way that novelists describe their characters as writing their own narrative. As a work develops its personality evolves and the painter intuitively follows.”

Members of Contemporary British Painting come together at Elysium Gallery in an attempt to bring a visual conversation to these ideas and consider how they resonate within their own individual practices. These painters present us with images onto which we project ourselves, they are storytellers, colourists, mark makers, fantasists and so are we.

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