Part of the Watermarks Collaboration with the Walking the Land group

A regular participant with the Walking the Land group, who since 2020 have extended their activities to an international membership through online participation, Linda created a 2-minute film in 2021 for their Watermarks project.

Her 2-minute segment was filmed on location at the Far Ings National Nature Reserve and in her studio, both at Barton on Humber in North Lincolnshire.

The final assemblage includes work by 14 visual artists in collaboration: The very multi-sensual and multi-temporal nature of the water’s edge demands a multi-disciplinary dialogue and response. Encompassing prompts and questions from both practitioners and academics, Watermarks makes and performs work that reflects this ‘edgy’ and liminal zone. What has emerged (and continues to emerge) is a dialogical, relational and shared set of responses as we separately (in time of Covid-19) walk our waters’ edges. With climate crisis, absence/loss, visible/invisible, space between, touch andimage making, ethics and aesthetics guiding our footsteps.

The Watermarks assemblage may be seen here:

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