My approach to developing series of works has been one of ‘finding my way’ and it’s often through playing with process and materials that something which later becomes a series emerges, rather than a focussed setting-out-to-do-something.

Series seem to me to be necessary in enabling the fullest exploration and articulation of a subject – although I don’t claim to have achieved this (I keep trying …); there is always more to discover and each discovery may well prompt a new way of thinking or looking at what it is I am trying to make or convey.

Whilst I definitely do not aim to be prescriptive about the meaning of my work to an audience, it is necessary for me to have some kind of intention and scaffold to work to and within. It’s a practical choice and sometimes a necessary one when working with combinations of process, materials and subject. However, I like that each person who views the work will have a different impression and interpretation based on their own experiences and that, in a way, each viewer ‘completes’ what they are looking at in a way I never could.