Linda Ingham lives and works from her coastal home studio in North East Lincolnshire.

Linda’s heavily process-laden practice has mostly concentrated around subjects related to landscape and place as well as memory and the passage of time for the past 20 years or so. Living so close to the coast, and a SSSI reserve in Lincolnshire has been a constant source of interest and a wonderful site for walking, watching and learning.

Most recently she has become particularly interested in ecology and botany – the plants that surround us on our walks and routes and which are often considered ‘weeds’ or overlooked, despite a rich folk and/or herbal history.
This interest has extended to the undertaking of a 3 – 4-year project working with the RSPB on a meadow which they are developing in an ex-arable-farm field, and taking on 2 allotments to increase her own attempt to live sustainably, develop wildlife habitat, keep learning – and develop her practice.

She exhibits internationally and has work in several public and private collections including the East Contemporary Artists collections at UCS, Swindon Art Gallery & Museum, Rugby Museum & Art Gallery, and University of Arizona Museum of Art, USA, Madison Museum and Gallery, Ohio; Komechak Museum, Chicago USA, Jiangsu Arts and Craft Museum, China and is one of the artists represented on the curated Contemporary British Painting website. Her work has toured China as part of the Contemporary Masters of Britain exhibition, 2017 – 2018 and in the National Gallery of Poland, Gdansk as part of Made in Britain curated by Robert Priseman.

From 2008 – 2019, Linda worked freelance and with several galleries, curating shows and running arts-based projects.

Linda is an Associate of the research-based platform, Land2, and part of She has been teaching since 1997, for 12 years, employed at North East Lincolnshire Community Arts, teaching mainly adults on the City & Guilds Curriculum up to Level 4; she is a regularly visiting artist at Leeds University School of Design, as has taught individual semesters to cover for sabbaticals.