Image: Lee Gilby Photography

Far & Near – Expressions of Continual Bonds to Absent Others

Far & Near is an interdisciplinary collaboration I embarked upon with composer David Power which responds to the growing phenomenon of the secular memorial in significant places to those remembering, and those past (please see more in ‘PROJECTS’)

Made possible by funds from the Arts Council England Grants for the Arts, the installation consists of a bespoke oak memorial bench, memory quilt, series of 12 paintings and a film with music as well as in excess of 300 contributions from participants gathered during the main activity of the project during 2016 – 2018.

The 12 small pieces are arranged in a line with a connecting horizon and are a creative response to a repeated walk from one point to another; moving from lifeguard station and populated promenade to higher points of coastline the works record estuary traffic, salt-marsh and weather, forming a condensed point for the viewer (potentially seated on the memorial bench) to meditate upon and consider.