I have enjoyed putting together a short film showing work by 16 artists, poets and designer-makers whose work often references plants, their sites, and wider related issues.

It is part of the GATHER winter-winter project for which the following text has been a point of inspiration:

Plants support all life on this planet; Anntennae Magazine considers that ‘our lack of interest in them is certainly linked to climate change and general environmental deterioration’, and that ‘Artists as well as scholars have the responsibility to move plants to the fore of their preoccupations and to investigate the historical and cultural networks that bind us to them.’

How we represent plants speaks volumes about our conceptions of their being and our intentions as well as responsibilities towards them . . . Paying attention to plants is essential to the possibility of conceiving a better, more equitable, and sustainable future.

Antennae: Vegetal Entanglements, July 2020

To find out more, please download the Pdf document.

Participating artists are: Zoe Ashbrook, Kristel Collison, Jan Dowson, Alice Fox, Jane Higginbottom, Barbara Howey, Adele Howitt, Linda Ingham, Paula MacArthur, Rachel McDonnell, Kirsty O’Leary-Leeson, Harriet Tarlo, Judith Tucker, Harvey Taylor, Helen Thomas, Joanna Whittle.

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