ASH (leaf fragmented) pieces accepted into Open Iso online exhibition

Two pieces from the ASH (leaf fragmented) series have been accepted into The Old Lockup Gallery’s Open Iso (lation) show, which is an online version of their usual spring open exhibition. 

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Open iso(lation) saw a massive 150 artists apply to the call for submissions, with over 270 pieces of work.

66 artists were selected with over 100 pieces of work for the show, grab yourself a coffee and take some time to enjoy the diverse range of work in our online Open iso 2021 exhibition. 

Exhibition, online, 7th March – 21st March 2021.

Selected Artists 

Tim Ball – John Barrett – Charlotte Baxter – Carolyn Blake – Day Bowman – Rupert Broadley – John Brokenshire – Ian Brooks – Stephen Buckeridge – Carole Bury – Noah Carter – Jeannie Clark – Peter Clayton – Ella Clocksin- Rachel Cooke – Phil Cope – Mandeep Dhadialla – Cath Dunn- Nicola Durrant – John Elcock- Robert Evans – Elaine Forrest- Anna Francis – Lois Gardner Sabet – Nic Gear – Juliet Goodden- Bethany Griffin – Tony Hall – Matt James Healy – Linda Ingham- Susan Isaac – Karen Joyce – Tracey Keeping –  Peter Knight –   Tara Leaver – Stephen Lowen – Richard May-  Rachel McDonnell– Nidhi Mehan – Jane Mellor – Stevie Mitchell – Nicola Mosley – Ursula Newell-Walker – Uura Niemi-Junkola – Joanne Olney – Gemma Petrie – Graeme Reed – Sue Ripley – Dee Robinson – Lisa Robinson- Robinson & McMahon – Matilde Roque – Corrina Rothwell- Dermod Ruddock – Trish Scullin – Kerry Souter- Barbara Sykes – Anne Samuel – Anke Schmeltzer – Ursula Starr – Dee Walker – Judith Warren – Paul Warren – Myfanwy Williams- David Wiseman – Louise Wiseman

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